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We empower individuals to live a healthier and happier life. At Cara Care we develop companion digital therapeutics to enhance state of the art therapies for GI diseases.

Cara Care
friend (Irish origin)
Provision of what is necessary for the health and welfare of a person (Oxford Dictionaries)

Jesaja Brinkmann

Jesaja is the R&D, HR and business strategy magician at Cara Care. He’s eager to unlock the potential of digital health and passionate to shape healthcare with new technologies. In his opinion, patient-centric mHealth solutions offer users easier access to care and increase control over their health.

Dr. André Sommer

André is a doctor who has decided to promote digital health instead of working in a hospital. He is responsible for our product development and business strategy. He sees great opportunities in modern healthcare by empowering patients with digital therapies. In addition to his medical background, he has two years of experience as an entrepreneur before founding Cara Care.

Our Milestones. The result of fun and hard work.
  • Mar 2019

    Our team grows to 24 magnificent people.

  • Jan 2019

    Cara Care is now the official company brand.

  • Nov 2018

    Our nutritional therapy empowers 1,000 Cara Care users to live a healthier and happier life.

  • Sep 2018

    Our nutri team grows to ten certified and empathetic dieticians.

  • Jun 2018

    We move to our new office on Torstraße, right in the heart of Berlin.

  • Mar 2018

    We start our digital nutritional therapy Cara Care in Germany, conducted by certified nutritionists via video chat.

  • Aug 2017

    HiDoc raises its $2M Seed round.

  • Jan 2017

    Our Cara app enters the U.S. market.

  • Oct 2016

    We launch our nutrition and symptom diary app Cara in Germany.

  • Mar 2016

    HiDoc is part of the 5th batch of the Microsoft Accelerator and moves to their offices in Berlin. Dankrad and Orest join the team as technical co-founders.

  • Sep 2015

    Our blog reizdarm.one goes live in Germany.

  • Aug 2015

    André and Jesaja want to improve the insufficient care of people with digestive problems and found HiDoc.

Our team. Diversity drives progress.

Our secret success ingredient?

Our team and its (professional, cultural ) diversity. medical doctors | psychologists | nutritionists | designers | tech engineers | business people | biologists | anthropoligitsts Germany | Poland | Sweden | Morroco | Turkey | Switzerland | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan

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