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Cara Care

The CARA CARE app is your digital companion to better gut health. It's with you anytime, anywhere you need it.

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Struggling with your gut?

We’re so glad you found us. Too many of us suffer from gastrointestinal disorders: More than 91 million US citizens suffer from IBS, GERD, or IBD.

These disorders can impact us physically, emotionally, and financially, affecting our quality of life.

Let’s change that.

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The CARA CARE app is free to use and enjoy. You can also try out our premium version free for 14 days, after which it costs $19.99 / month—for a limited-time only (Regular price $129.99 / month).

Personalized gut health programs

Your digital companion

Discover what factors turn your day into a good one, and make it your new normal. Get in-app support from our team.

Daily journal

Your digital food
and symptom diary

Track your daily nutritional and symptom data when and where it suits you. Analyze changes and improvements.

Take control of your gut through a daily journal

Get to know your gut better by tracking your food, mood, poop, and more.

Identify triggers and connections between symptoms to finally know what’s good and bad for you.

Use the new insights to continue your path towards greater well-being.

12-week gut health programs

Tracking is essential to help you and your gut health—But it’s not enough. GI diseases are complex and involve not just food but also mood, sleep, stress, and more.

Often we try to alleviate our complaints with medication, but this doesn’t eliminate the cause of the symptoms.

That’s why we take a holistic approach. We’ve combined the latest findings from medicine, nutritional science, and the experiences of our users to develop programs with one goal: to provide you with optimal support.

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IBS Program

Our unique irritable bowel program offers personalized advice on nutrition, digestion, and mental health.

  • Gain confidence: Get actionable advice from certified nutritionists
  • Take control: Follow interactive exercises to tackle your symptoms
  • Relax: Take gut-directed hypnosis sessions to relieve your stress

Programs coming soon

  • GERD: Symptoms are generally best managed by combining medication and dietary and lifestyle changes.
  • Ulcerative Colitis: Keeping a diary is useful to determine how factors like medications influence symptoms.
  • Crohn’s disease: Nutritional guidance has been proven to help manage flare-ups.

Every good thing starts with a small step.

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CARA CARE is awesome. I wish this kind of product would've existed for patients before.

Prof. Stefan Lüth, MD

Prof. Stefan Lüth, MD, Medical Director of the Medical Center and Head of Internal Medicine II at Klinikum Brandenburg

Experiences of our users

Very nice and helpful team. Messages are answered in the shortest possible time and in detail. The structure of the app is designed meaningfully. There are a large number of tracking categories (such as food, medicines, etc.). The...

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Finally someone cares about my complaints. Until now, I've been running from doctor to doctor, and for the first time I have the feeling that someone really is 100% caring about my symptoms. I am also very impressed by the consult...

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I use the app, and I found out in a short time what is going well and what isn't, and I'm still getting to know my stomach better. With all the nutritional offers and recommendations on the Internet, you don't even know what's goo...

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