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Cara Care is your companion to an improved gut health. Everywhere, anytime and digital.

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Your personal nutrition and gut experts

At Cara, we understand that sensitive digestive issues can trigger a special need for comfort. We have reflected this in our remote therapy offer, comprising our nutrition diary app that responds to your individual situation. Still, the key to great therapy is the human touch. Therefore, we only work with certified nutritionists who develop high quality content that keeps you engaged to pursue a healthier life.

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How Cara Care benefits you

We take your needs seriously

Every tummy is different. We listen to you, understand your situation and adjust the offer to your needs. This way, you have access to effective help even outside the doctor’s office.

We adapt to
your life

We provide you the tools to take back control of your digestive health. Anytime. Anywhere. You track and analyze your nutrition, symptoms and medication whenever it suits you.

We are always by your side

We accompany you from day 1. You have access to expert help via chat. Additional food and educational content motivate you to keep on going.

Our offer for you

Our offer for you

Cara Care App

Your Digital Food
and Symptom Diary

Track your daily food and symptom data. Whereever and whenever it fits into your schedule. Analyze correlations and improvements.

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Cara Care Coaching

Your Tailored
Nutritional Therapy

Learn what factors turn your day into a good one. Make it your personal standard. Your personal gut coach accompanies you.

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What experts say about Cara

Cara is awesome. I wish this kind of product would have existed for patients before.

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth, medical director of the medical center and head of internal medicine II at Klinikum Brandenburg

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