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What are possible symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome?

Bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea or constipation

Intolerance to various foods

Little energy and exhaustion, inner restlessness or depressive moods

You are not alone. In Germany, 16.6% suffer of irritable bowel syndrome, but most are never diagnosed or treated. Find out now whether you are interested in our holistic are suitable for therapy.

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Track food, symptoms, and how you’re feeling

Our easy-to-use app makes it a breeze to know your triggers and patterns.

Our Effectiveness

The first results prove the effectiveness of Cara Care for IBS


completed 12 weeks of therapy.


showed a significant, clinically relevant reduction in symptoms.


showed a clinically relevant improvement in quality of life.

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Cara Care for IBS:

Helpful, understandable, competent
The app is very simple and easy to understand. You can really track anything related to gastrointestinal health. Really great!


Personalized programs

Get a tailor-made experience with our programs for IBS, IBD, GERD, and dyspepsia

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A truly thorough assessment
A truly thorough assessment

We assess your individual condition, symptoms, and goals to tailor a plan just for you.


Chat with your personal dietician whenever you need to and get answers to your questions within a day.

A holistic approach
A holistic approach

Not just nutrition: audio-guided hypnosis, food lists, recipes, elimination and reintroduction diet plans, emotional and behavioral exercises, and quizzes.

An in-depth stats dashboard
An in-depth stats dashboard

Measure your progress with frequent check-ins and chart your improvements.

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Board of Directors
Physician testimonials

Prof. Anthony Lembo

Physician and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Cara Care

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth

Clinic Director and Chief Physician at the Brandenburg Clinic • University coordinator at the Brandenburg Medical School

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