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People Behind Cara Care: Bruno Villetelle

Cara Care

Cara Care

We are lucky to have Bruno Villetelle as one of our advisors here at Cara Care. Bruno is a leader and expert in digital healthcare, and has spent over 30 years driving innovation in the space. He is currently Head of Data & Digital for Novartis’ Global Drug Development (GDD) organization.

1. What’s your story? How did you become an expert in innovation/healthtech/digital?

I was inspired early on by my grandfather's passion for space exploration and nurtured by my parents, both entrepreneurs. I have spent a lifetime developing new business models and products that focus on improving peoples' lives, and that have ambitious aims—without limits or boundaries. I've navigated the innovation space for the past 30 years as CDO, CIO, VC, startup founder, and board member.

2. Where do you see digital health offerings moving to in the next five years?

The future of healthcare is shaping up right in front of us, with exponential advances across data science and digital technologies. These breakthroughs offer many opportunities to reimagine healthcare: including empowering people to become the "CEO" of their health, and devoting more wealth to treatments that prevent sickness or enhance life. The potential of digital healthcare is only limited by our ability to imagine a brighter future.

3. You’re an advisor for Cara Care. What do you think is something unique that Cara Care offers?

Care Care stands in a league of its own thanks to its holistic multimodal therapy and patient-centric approach, which combines medicine, nutritional science, and mental and physical therapy. This approach has demonstrated significant improvement of symptoms and quality of life for people with GI issues.

However, Cara Care's very secret ingredient probably is their passionate team. A team with a commitment to a higher purpose: reducing the suffering of patients with GI disorders.

Cara Care

Cara Care

I’m Jesaja, the co-founder of Cara Care. I studied medicine and then decided to help even more patients with our popular app Cara Care. Together with a team of medical doctors, nutritionists and data scientists we empower individuals with digestive issues to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

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