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Your companion for a happier and healthier gut

Cara Care supports everyone with chronic gastrointestinal issues with personalized care.

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Hey Jan! Checking in from last week. How are your symptoms going?


Hey Kora! Thanks for checking in on me, I can already see the progress from last week.


That’s great to hear! We can have a video call later to look over the analytics if you have time.

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Take back control of your gut health

We create a plan of action unique to you and your condition. All based on the latest science.


Irritable bowel syndrome affects almost 70 million people in the U.S.


Includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.


Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease’s main symptom is heartburn.


Dyspepsia is also known as indigestion.


Track food, symptoms, and how you’re feeling

Our easy-to-use app makes it a breeze to know your triggers and patterns.

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For employers

Digestive health issues are so taboo that you don’t even know your employees are suffering

Join us in helping them live a better life. Offering Cara Care will give you an ROI, too.

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Personalized programs

Get a tailor-made experience with our programs for IBS, IBD, GERD, and dyspepsia

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A truly thorough assessment
A truly thorough assessment

We assess your individual condition, symptoms, and goals to tailor a plan just for you.


Chat with your personal dietician whenever you need to and get answers to your questions within a day.

A holistic approach
A holistic approach

Not just nutrition: audio-guided hypnosis, food lists, recipes, elimination and reintroduction diet plans, emotional and behavioral exercises, and quizzes.

An in-depth stats dashboard
An in-depth stats dashboard

Measure your progress with frequent check-ins and chart your improvements.

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Our mission

Driven by science,
made by humans

We build the most effective holistic companion for every individual with digestive issues.

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