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Digestive health issues are impacting your productivity

With Cara Care, your employees feel better, have fewer sick days, and are more productive.

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Hey Daniel! Checking in. How are your symptoms? Let me know how the diet plan is going.


An innovative digital care solution that improves digestive health outcomes

We’re here for you. A hybrid program that combines expert coaching and digital interventions to help your employees live a better life.

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Care protocols based on the latest scientific insights

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Founded and run by physicians

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Based in Europe with the highest security and privacy processes in place

A common problem

70 million people (1 in 5) in the U.S. suffer from digestive issues.1


25-30% of IBS sufferers experience depression or anxiety.2

Digestive disease


Heart disease




Mental health


Annual cost of digestive disease is $136 billion.3

Compare with heart disease ($113 billion), trauma ($103 billion), or mental health ($99 billion).

Digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome are already taking a toll on your employees.

- March2020 -

Impact on work

Employees with irritable bowel syndrome reportedly miss up to 10.9 days of work per month.3

Digestive health issues are incredibly common and impact your company productivity. Help your employees live a better life and improve your bottom line.

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Fewer medical claims related to Rx.

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Greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Reduced number of sick days.

Simple and fast implementation

Fits into your workflow

Cara Care combines expert coaching and digital interventions, all based on the latest scientific evidence

Ease of roll-out
Ease of roll-out

Adding Cara Care to your benefits package is seamless.

Dashboards for reporting
Dashboards for reporting

Show the impact on your organization visually.

Expert coaching
Expert coaching

Your employees have unlimited access to dedicated experts.

Employee satisfaction
Employee satisfaction

Improve quality of life for affected employees.

Identify at risk employees
Identify at risk employees

We make it simple to identify employees who could benefit from the program.

Engagement monitoring
Engagement monitoring

See a transparent overview of how the program is used.

See it for yourself

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What you need to know

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What does Cara Care do?


Cara Care offers personalized and holistic support for gastrointestinal issues, like IBS, IBD, GERD, and dyspepsia.

Our programs are based on gold-standard clinical guidelines and tailored to each user, guiding them through dietary, lifestyle, and mind-behavior change with the help of a dedicated nutritionist.

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