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The first prescribed digital IBS therapy

  • Expand your treatment repertoire

  • Budget-neutral and without additional payments

  • approved by BfArM as a DiGA (→ What is a DiGA? )
*Therapy is currently only available in German.
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Our Effectiveness

We have published study results that demonstrate significant, clinically relevant symptom reduction through our personalized program.

Study Graph

of IBS patients showed a significant, clinically relevant symptom reduction after 12 weeks with Cara Care for IBS — measured via IBS-SSS.

More info on the study

Benefits of Cara Care

A win-win situation for you and your patients thanks to Cara Care for IBS.

Benefits for your patients
Benefits for your patients
  • Multimodal irritable bowel therapy, compliant with the current S3 guideline
  • Personalized module compilation based on medical questionnaires
  • additional features: tracking and personalized cooking recipe ideas
  • Relief of psychological comorbidities (anxiety, depression), which often cannot be addressed in everyday practice
  • Support in overcoming illness-related difficulties in everyday life
  • Fully refundable, at no additional cost
Your Benefits
Your Benefits
  • Expansion of your treatment repertoire
  • Export and submission of data on therapy progress by your patients
  • No additional effort, since patients go through the therapy independently
  • Budget-neutral and without additional payment

How Cara Care for IBS works

Step by step to significant symptom reduction and improved quality of life.

Our supportive
app features

Capture of diet, symptoms, and well-being.
Personalized program
Gut-brain axis
Tracking & Diary
Capture of diet, symptoms, and well-being.
Patients can record their diet, symptoms, and feelings, thus recognizing correlations and trigger factors.


Find more details on our product page for Cara Care for IBS.

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We meet the highest
standards for digital therapy.

Strictest data protection
GDPR-compliant & encrypted health data
Scientifically based
Developed by experts
Official medical product
Medical product of risk class 1 according to MDD
Medically up-to-date
Based on the latest medical guidelines
Prescribing Cara Care for IBS

How is Cara Care for
IBS prescribed?

Prescription 0

Issue a prescription to your patients. Budget-neutral and without additional payments.

Prescription 1

For the prescription, the diagnosis of IBS (ICD-10-GM: K58, K58.1, K58.2, K58.3, K58.8) must be present.

Prescription 2
Use Sample 16 (Health Insurance Prescription)

and search for “CARACARE” using the PZN 17964363

Prescription 3

We support your patients in obtaining the activation code and with all technical questions

Our Webinars

In these 45-minute online trainings, you will gain insights into Cara Care for IBS, the underlying approaches and evidence. You can ask questions and interact with our experts and your professional colleagues.
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Recorded Webinars
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Physician testimonials

Prof. Anthony Lembo

Physician and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Cara Care

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth

Clinic Director and Chief Physician at the Brandenburg Clinic • University coordinator at the Brandenburg Medical School

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Cara Care suitable for my problems?


Who is Cara Care for IBS not suitable for?


How do I get access?


Is the access to the app limited in time?


What is included in the digital therapeutic program (DiGA)?


Can I use all functions/program content?


Will I receive personalized counseling?


Can I contact Cara Care if I have questions?


How much time do I need to dedicate to Cara Care for IBS?


Are other conditions also considered?


Cara Care for IBS is focused solely on the therapy of IBS.

This means that our 12-week program does not include therapeutic recommendations for other conditions. However, in our nutrition module, we consider certain food allergies and intolerances.

Any questions left?

We are here to help clarify any uncertainties during a 10-minute information session.

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