Science is at the core of our care

We combine the latest gut health research with behavioral design to make a proven impact.

The challenge
The science of digestive health is not reflected in existing care.
Despite many scientific studies about the benefits of holistic care, most people don’t get the kind of support that’s recommended by clinical guidelines.
Backed by latest evidence
Our care principles
We make effective care accessible.
Care principlesCare Principles

We meet the highest standards for digital healthcare.

Our outcomes
We’ve published first results that indicate the effectiveness of our tailored programs.
Overall symptom reduction in 100 days
Improvement in quality of life
Show a clinically significant improvement of their symptoms
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Our scientific advisory board

Irritable bowel syndrome is a complex functional disease with various individual triggers, which means that approaching it holistically can lead to better results. I believe that digital tools, combined with medicines, can help deliver better outcomes by improving compliance and helping patients make crucial lifestyle changes.

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth

Klinikdirektor und Chefarzt am Klinikum Brandenburg Hochschulkoordinator an der Medizinischen Hochschule Brandenburg

The programs
Tailor-made for every gut
Our programs use a 6-step process to identify the right care for each patient.
Step 1
Medical questionnaire

We assess the individual condition, symptoms, and goals to create a plan that is personalized.

Step 2
Individualized content modules
  • Nutrition
  • Audio-guided Hypnosis
  • Essential Knowledge
  • Emotions and Behavior
Step 3
Round-the-clock support from a personal gut health expert

A dedicated gut health expert is available to answer any questions, and will respond in about a day.

Step 4
Tools and exercises

Audio-guided hypnosis, food lists, recipes, elimination and reintroduction diet plans, emotional and behavioral exercises, and quizzes.

Step 5
Check-ins and feedback

Measure progress with frequent check-ins.

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Our certificates
We meet the highest standards for digital healthcare.
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